Massage therapy can be a powerful ally in your health-care regimen.

Whether your need is to have a moment of relaxation, reduce muscle tension or attain relief from chronic pain, a therapeutic massage can enhance your overall sense of emotional and physical well-being. Therapeutic massage can also be used as a preventative treatment, allowing the muscles to rest, relax, revive and recover from the daily demands we place on them during our sport and activities of daily living.

Remedial Massage is used for the rehabilitation of soft tissue injuries, musculoskeletal imbalances, neuromuscular holding patterns (caused by poor postural and work habits), and maintenance of chronic pain. Remedial massage holistically treats the body. It can assist in ensuring the body is able to function at its optimum level, free of what can be quite debilitating muscular pain caused by your day to day activities. Remedial massage uses specific techniques to return your soft tissues structures to their normal resting lengths.


Massage therapy is particularly effective in treating the following:

Neck/shoulder/back pain

Migraine & headaches

Sports injuries

Referred pain



Anxiety and Depression

Menstrual problems

Poor circulation


Restricted joint range

Common Colds and flus